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Games for Map Skills Practice (Latitude & Longitude)

Try these¬†online games, quizzes and video (there’s only one) to brush up on ¬†your latitude and longitude skills:
Using latitude and longitude, find the hidden cartoon.
Using latitude and longitude, click the correct dot on the map. This map is a little tricky to read in the beginning, you’ll get used to reading it after a few turns.  
Find locations on a world map using given latitude and longitude coordinates.
Online Map Skills Quiz.
Fun Online Map Skills Quiz.
Lat & Long BrainPop video.

Greenhouse Effect & Global Warming

Here are some links to National Geographic’s website for review and extra information.                The Greenhouse Effect. Moving diagram with info.                                                                                                                                                                                                      Video on both GH Effect and GW. Visuals and explanations.                     Global Warming Info. Click on a topic in the slideshow or on the bottom for information on causes, effects, science and solutions.